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~Origin : Italian
~Occupation: Psycology student, worker , cosplay commissions ~Favorite colours : White,Blue
~Interests : Psicology, Art ,Philosophy
Cosplay,Photography , Read, Write , Drawing , cook , play istruments and more
~Favorite games : Final Fantasy, Valkyrie profile, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil
Xenogears, Metal gear, Drakengard, Uncharted,Star Ocean,Street Fighter , Soul calibur and more...
~First cosplay : Lightning
~Hair colour: Pink (dye)
~Height : 1,78 m
~kupò, kupò!

I love Lightning! she is so kind with me!
Why are you not join in her youtube channel? Kupò!

~Since : 2008
Lightning cosplayer from 4 years

~An Italian Cosplay Girl

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  28. 5/8 22:24 Noctis85: Dai è andato bene il rimini incassato premi e ci siamo rivisti^^
  29. 1/8 19:48 °Lightning°: Resoconto del Rimini Comix ->
  30. 22/7 16:28 °Lightning°: Aperto!
  31. 22/7 14:26 Noctis85: Primo Primo!!!^^
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Next Event
Romics 2013
Lucca 2013
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view post Posted on 20/8/2014, 20:02 by: LightningFarronQuote
It's only a preview of my outfit of NOCTURNE at comicon (01/05/14) .
There are some parts that i would remale in better way ! When i have some times for cosplay! So stay turned on fb page!

Comments: 0 | Views: 13Last Post by: LightningFarron (20/8/2014, 20:02)

view post Posted on 18/9/2013, 22:52 by: LightningFarronQuote
Immersa negli esami non mi ero neanche resa conto che il nuovo album di Nathalie era uscito lo scorso 17 settembre, una mia amica mi ha avvisato dell'uscita. Il giorno dopo l'ho subito rimediato. Non è mai successa una cosa simile se non con giochi come Final Fantasy . Con lei è diverso. E' una cantante che mi piace molto per tonalità, musica e performance. Da quando la vidi sul palco di X-factor mi innamorai di lei, di come sapeva esprimere i suoi sentimenti tramite delle semplici canzoni . Ma non è solo quello, nelle sue canzoni mi ci rivedo completamente. Io sono in quella canzone , mi sento partecipe e nello stesso momento sento che "riesce a comprendermi". Sono contenta che abbia fatto un nuovo album ma ancora adesso che ho finito di sentirlo tutto per ben 2 volte mi sembra così strano risentirla con nuove canzoni.... Sono passati così tanti anni? Così tanti? Quante cose sono successe da allora... quanti avvenimenti che sono stati accompagnati dalle sue canzoni, mi hanno dato forza , coraggio e molte volte mi hanno anche commosso. Quest'album mi ha già entusiasmato molto specialmente Anima di vento e Dall'inizio è la fine, due canzoni che dicono tanto emotivamente . L'ultima che ho citato sembra quasi un grido di liberazione...Sei come me che si tiene tutto dentro ? Quanto mi piacerebbe conoscerti, non sai quanto. ..


Comments: 0 | Views: 21Last Post by: LightningFarron (18/9/2013, 22:52)

view post Posted on 28/6/2013, 18:14 by: LightningFarronQuote


Hello everyone!!!

As the most part of you know from 4 at 7 july will be the Japan Expo (France Edition). I have decided also this year to come with my friend. I’m busy all the year with the work, university and also my little “trips" for view my girlfriends. Now i have decided to have a real , a very real “Holiday". Almost I don’t believe it that I will have 4 days of absolute fantastic HOLIDAY. It’s just a dream ahahaha!

The cosplay that I will bring is the equilibrium, Lightning returns. The last that have done! Pears I will also bring the version of the XIII, still it is uncertain because i stay for 8 days and i will visit too Paris , as each year. So i must bring a huge baggage ahaha .In this days i do some changing to the dress.

Some French friends have told that there will be the demo of the Returns. I hope so much. They have me “implored" to make a video while I am trying it. Omg. I want to absolutely make it ahaha. Probably i put some new vids on my youtube channel . It was a lot that i don’t put any vid. Yeah? Some 1 or 2 years?

I have thought that this year besides revisiting some destinations notes (my friend there has not been never) , i want also go to the Cité des Sciences. I don’t succeed in persuading not to be me goes us before. I love the science. I adore my future job. Do I love the science (I have already told him?) For Etro, I have beaten the head from some part ahaha!

I have decided to come to Paris with the train this time. In this way I won’t have problems with the sword of with the shield and we’ll not put so much to go to the hotel. From Rome there are about 12 hours but i went from my little country wel… in tot there are 13/14 hours! Wow so much but not too much. There are the same hours that I have employed from roma-milano in bus, and there are both in Italy. Ehehe have gotten used to travel very they don’t frighten me! In this way saving on the train we are been able to remain at one day in more. And it is a lot counting that Paris is very, very expensive!

If everyone know some particular local, place or other in paris that we must visit we glad you know !

For all those that will be, see us there! For the one whom won’t be will attend the photos ^^, isn’t it ?

See ya!!!


The original link is on Deviant journal

PS: If you want you can vote me HERE . If you don’t made it !!!Thk u so much .

Comments: 0 | Views: 26Last Post by: LightningFarron (28/6/2013, 18:14)

view post Posted on 25/5/2013, 00:18 by: LightningFarronQuote

Hi guys! I partecipate to this contest: Otaku House cosplay Idol. If you want you can vote me . The photo is from LR: FFXIII - Click on the photo:


Comments: 1 | Views: 48Last Post by: czerwix (22/12/2014, 12:25)